>Treasure Hunter Jonathan legend, with the appearance of a cute rabbit, starts this adventure in Egypt

Jonathan having been subjected to “die within 7 days” because of a curse in exploration of ruins.
It comes into great adventure of the Holy Grail collected in order to solve the curse.


Jonathan former comrade, getting into the vandalism of the ancient ruins,  now became his nemesis Andre.
Wirelessly handedly hacker jack supports Jonathan from behind,
Scholars and Mahone Dr. enigmatic Egypt researchers.

Jonathan reached the legendary ruins, named Amushea,
While fending off the interference of nemesis Andre, arrived at the deep finding the treasure, But this was the beginning of Jonathan and Andre of tragedy.
Jonathan and Andre was awakened by Sefrou Issei,
A deity that had been multiplied their curse of death.

this and much more in an amazing game story by Niconico !!!


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