>Defragmented takes place in the futuristic cyberpunk city of Entropolis, a neon-colored environment that’s filled with conspiracies and outlandish characters that play bigger or smaller roles in the story of your own character.

A lot of interesting themes are explored by the plot, from large corporations using gangs and mercenaries to do their dirty work, to corrupt government officials and even clones. The story progresses through visual novel-like scenes that can be turned off if you just want to get to the shooting. Some of the character models don’t look all that great, but you’ll mostly have a decent time throughout the campaign.



Defragmented is a pretty complex role-playing experience that allows not only for deep character progression with its three classes and multiple skill trees but also plenty of variation through the procedurally generated loot. You’ll quickly swap out your gear based on what you find during combat, not to mention strategies, depending on the foes you encounter.

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