ACID 64 player


ACID 64 player is a cycle based Commodore 64 music player designed for playing SID tunes on sound cards/devices that have a real SID chip (6581/6582/8580) on board like the HardSID PCI cards and the HardSID 4U, Uno and Uplay USB devices. It also supports network devices that emulate the SID chip like JSidDevice that is part of JSidplay2.

ACID 64 emulates the MOS 6510 micro processor, the 6526 CIA chip and partially the 6569 VIC chip to run the code of a SID tune and it controls the SID chip on the device for playing Commodore 64 music.


This project started in 1995 with the SidCard. The SidCard is a hardware module with a real SID chip that can be connected to the parallel port. However, this hardware project is discontinued. The software written for this project is ported to Windows and supports now all the HardSID cards/devices and software devices connected via a network interface.


  • Cycle based 6510 CPU, 6526 CIA chip and 6569 VIC-II chip emulation
  • Cycle exact playback of SID tunes
  • Support of multiple SID devices and stereo playback for 2SID files
  • Support of PSID, RSID, 2SID, PRG and PC64 files
  • Support of STIL, Song Length Database and SID Id
  • Fast incremental SID file search
  • Seek through SID tunes via slider bar
  • Exact frequency playback like a real C64 for PAL and NTSC tunes
  • Anonymous usage statistics
  • SID signal indicator for each voice (Note trigger)
  • Skips silence of beginning of tunes
  • Muting of voices, easy solo voices and toggle filter on/off
  • Switch between devices on the fly without restarting the song
  • Drag & drop support for multiple files
  • Minimize to system tray for background playing
  • Easy short cuts to change settings on the fly and for controlling the playback
  • And much more…

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