Akatsuki Blitzkampf


Akatsuki Blitzkampf


Akatsuki Denkou Senki Is a 2-D Versus Doujinshi Fighting game,

released on April 30th, 2007 and developed by SUBTLE STYLE.

In our opinion the best fighting game 2D for Win Machines til today ,

it develops different schools of fight

and amazing the gunkata fight of Equilibrium got a special character .

Also the user interface looks brilliant and online mode tends to perfection .

Akatsuki Blitzkampf (アカツキ電光戦記 Akatsuki Denkō Senki?) is a Japanese dōjin 2D fighting game, developed by the dōjin circle SUBTLE STYLE for Microsoft Windows.Released on April 30, 2007, the game is a sequel to Akatsuki Shisei Ichigō.

The title got a lot of attention in Japan and elsewhere for its high-resolution sprites and older style gameplay.

On September 27, 2007, Arcadia Magazine confirmed that the game would be launched as an arcade title, published by SUBTLE STYLE itself.The Arcade game was called Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse and it was released on February 20, 2008[4] for the Sega NAOMI system.



  • Akatsuki: High class technical officer of the Imperial army. Believed to have died in the Arctic oceans at a critical time when the war was coming to its end, during the transportation of a new military unit from an allied country. Fifty years later, he returns alive and unchanged in appearance. Now wielding superhuman abilities, he resumes his mission. He made a guest appearance in French Bread’s Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late.
  • Mycale: A witch that belongs to a secret society called “Gesellschaft“; they have been manipulating history from behind the scenes since the Middle Ages. She plans to recover the missing weapon.
  • Sai: Agent for the Xinhua computer company. He, through clandestine means, gathers information throughout the world. Rumors say that behind his sunglasses lurks an evil eye that can kill a man instantly.
  • Kanae: An intelligence operative, attached to the second office of the Ground Staff Overseeing Department. With the news of Akatsuki’s revival, she is ordered to recover a secret “Blitz Engine”, lost at the end of the war.
  • Fritz: A military surgeon who practiced in the Imperial army during the war. Albeit becoming unaccounted for afterwards, he sets off on eliminating all those who have appeared concurrently with Akatsuki’s revival.
  • Marilyn Sue: An assassin for the continent’s largest international mafia “Black Hand” and a master of assassination techniques with basis in, presumably, “Breaking Fist”. By plundering the Blitz Engine from Akatsuki, she aims to rise in influence and power.
  • Wei: A master of Xingyiquan, who, as a cold-blooded assassin, rose up to the ranks of Black Hand’s leaders. After his patron was assassinated, Wei searches for the criminal.
  • Anonym: An Armed Inquisitor of Heresy, within a religious society – The Sacred Club. She is sent to destroy the headquarters of an organization charged with the heresy of aiding Gesellschaft, the Perfecti Kyōdan. Anonym is a master of the Ranbas-style gun technique, a combination of Chinese self-defense and pistols.
  • Elektrosoldat: Private army of “Gesellschaft”. Although equipped with the same Blitz Engine as Akatsuki, the connection between them lies shrouded in mystery.
  • Blitztank: An electrical tank, assumed to have a Blitz Engine as its source of power. According to a copy of the document on new engine research labeled “Gesellschaft”, a test piece was developed. However, it was revoked along with the plan itself before the full-scale production could take place.
  • Adler: Formerly, as an officer within the organization “Ahnenerbe”, he did research on German ancestry, organization. He participated in excavation of Tibet’s ancient heritage, but upon the discovery of the ancient city of Agartha, he uses the science for his own ambitions.
  • Murakumo: The final boss of the game. At the time of the previous war, he was a military officer stationed in Germany who planned actions for an inspection group on military affairs. In this position, he got in touch with a religious society called Perfecti Kyōdan, and established the Military Technique Research facility, nicknamed “Gesellschaft”. Towards the end of the war news from Berlin is interrupted.

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