ALIEN Remake LV-246


>LV-426 is a remake of an old first-person shooter game called ‘Aliens’, published by Electric Dreams in 1987 for the following platforms: Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX. The game is based on the second movie in the Alien movie series.
I wanted to re-make Aliens because it was one of my old favourites, and probably the scariest game of its time. The game was very innovative and tense due to the use of a first-person view and having to control a whole squad of marines. In my opinion, it really captured the atmosphere of the movie.

The action takes place in first-person perspective, with you seeing the view through the helmet camera of Ripley and the Marines. You move the crosshair of your pulse rifle to track the aliens or turn around in a room, with the camera following the gunsight.

I’ve tried to keep the remake as faithful as possible, but there are a few changes here and there, plus updated graphics and sounds. The game includes a split screen mode allowing two players to play cooperatively. It is also possible to create your own custom 6-member squad out of all the marines in the movie, each having varying attributes. Other changes include a minimap that makes navigation a lot easier.
Some parts of the game, such as room positions and wall tile locations, are exactly the same as in the original game. In fact, if you happen to have a map of the original game, it is still perfectly suitable for the remake.
If you like this game, you might also want to try one of my other games, Outpost 41, which has similar gameplay.



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