>After a few of posts about Commodore 1541 Disk Drive Repair, now it’s turn of the Amiga 500 Disk Driver Repair or better Ami…Alignment!


Ami..Alignment neat wizard interface with quite simple options. My review about this program is shared by my personal experience with it. Some month ago I found my primary disk drive (internal) with heads not aligned, but how to load ami..alignment then ?


Easy. At least for who owns an Amiga Action Replay MK3. Using the Datel Cartridge options we can set the boot from the secondary disk drive (external), and so it has been. Once the program loaded I selected the DF0: to check, test and repair. In some hour its heads back to the top !





Ami..Alignment is an utility that wants to be the real doctor in your floppy drive. A series of tests allows you to discover the slightest failure of your internal drive (or external), all this with a well presented control panel.

Perhaps you ever had messages like “Corrupt Disk” or not being able to read a floppy disk from another Amiga. The reason probably comes from your floppy disk drive (or that of the other Amiga). Ami..Alignment will allow you to detect whether the impairment comes from the engine, the alignment of the heads of the transfer speed, moving, or if the drive is running well at the right speed. The results can be printed on your printer if desired.
When a fault is detected on your drive, two solutions: Either you wear at your service. Either undertake to repair it yourself.
It is in this case it must be clear. Disassemble itself and its Amiga floppy drives: The immediate termination of your warranty. Opportunities to damage other things (if one is not sure of his case).
Prevention is better because to repair (or calibrate) a player, you obviously apart. The documentation (in English) of the software explains (too) simply the procedure. Only cases of the Amiga 2000 and the A1010 external drive are briefly described. What makes me say that this type of manipulation is not within the reach of everyone and therefore the software too.
Alignment friend
We conclude that this software can render services for the detection of a malfunction from one of your disk drives. In case of drive failure, the dismantling of the reader is required and so the software is rather reserved either good or handymen to service professionals. For now, the documentation is in English, but will soon translate Vitepro and especially provide more detailed explanations about the possible dismantling of the Amiga (Amiga) and its drive.

This software is actually a diagnostic utility of the Amiga hardware (floppy drive). The presentation of this software is of quality. This type of utility is especially hard for the user and connoisseur of the Amiga well a certain competence in the field of precision when removing the drive.

Name: Ami..Alignment.
Publisher: Free Spirit Software.
Genre: fault detection.
Date: 1989.
Minimum requirements: Amiga OCS, 68000, 512 KB of memory.
License: Commercial.


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