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Rage – Neural Assault

12 years after their victory at the 2006 Assembly with the Starstruck demo, the demo group The Black Lotus has just released a finalized version of this production.

This release would fix some display bugs but would also bring performance optimizations. It is based on an improved version, meanwhile, on Atari Falcon by MiKRO of the Mystic group.


Classic demo with great music supplied by Fajser – This is Neural Assault by Rage – Released at ECC 1993 – Ranked:1st

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The Black Lotus – Starstruck

Originally released back in 2006, this ground breaking AGA demo by TBL now has it’s final release in April 2018.
Credits (Original) Code:
Erique, Kalms, Rej, Rubberduck Graphics: Duffe, Louie, Tudor Music: Blaizer Text: Kalms 2018 version: Info below HD (50fps on compatible browsers) The Black Lotus (TBL)
Hardware requirements:
Chipset: AGA Amiga CPU: 68060 @ 50MHz or faster RAM: ~50MB fastram, 2MB chipram Display: 15kHz PAL monitor

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