>While we’re just adding a new Amiga Immortal Remix Compilation we thought that you would be happy to grab these amiga combo music videos :

It was released in November 2014 at the Compusphere demo party in Sweden where it won the Wild Demo Competition. “Stuck Somewhere in Time” and was made by three groups – Up Rough!, Insane and Titan.
The special thing about this music disk is that it is a big compilation of Iron Maiden songs in chip tune format .

A demo released at the Riverwash 2014 party in Poland. It is called Sunglasses at Night and it is a co-operation between two groups, Ghostown and Whelpz.

A Daxx compilation chosen through one hundred of them. This remix selection comprises a softer variety of tunes compared to the last upload with music in the 130-170 bpm range. Some big names he remixed with this lot of tunes including Dj Paul Elstak, Faithless and others so enjoy this trip.

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