>INTRO : Amiga viruses began to be know since 1987 with the SCA Virus ,
after that differents and various in the code Viruses appeared all over the globe.
They were able to be resident in the Amiga RAM and be resilient after a simple reboot.
If the All 3 12-inch disk had the rectangular hole in the corner obstructed then write was enabled to the disk and the Viruses had great times of fun infecting them with a copy of themselves . Most of their goals was to put on highlight a state of mind sentence ,
either political or social , or just an exaltation of the virus writer .

It’s important today , after two decades , to collect them and preserve them ,
they are part of human knowledge and a very limited and fragile part of it .
So Visit and help The Amiga Virus Encyclopedia , a very wealth website in this matter .

And now a small combo of (in)famous Amiga Viruses :

 >The SCA Virus Team



Lamer Exterminator is a computer virus created for the Commodore Amiga. It was first detected in Germany in October 1989. It is a boot block virus contained in the first 1024 bytes of the disk.

It is notable as the first virus known to be defensive. It hooks into the system in such a way that examining a bootblock will return a normal result and upon replicating will also encrypt itself.

Variants of the virus are known to use one of three different decrypt routines defined by The Amiga Virus Encyclopedia. A detection program can look for any of the known decrypt routines on the boot block area of the disk, or alternatively try to blindly brute force decrypt them. The first decrypt routine is a simple XOR of every byte which only takes a maximum of 256 attempts to decrypt. The next includes an add byte in its decrypt routine, and takes a maximum of 256×256 attempts. The third uses 16 bit words in its decrypt routine, and takes a maximum of 65535×65535 attempts which makes it an impractical approach with modern computers. The first two versions (and variants that use the same decrypt routines), can also be identified as containing an identification word 0xABCD, as the last data on the boot block containing anything but zero values.


  • Over-writes the bootblock
  • Remains RAM resident (allocating 1024 bytes and identifying itself: ‘The LAMER Exterminator !!!’)
  • Hooks into the system (remaining reset-resident)
  • Destroys media blocks by overwriting them 84 times with the string ‘LAMER!’, causing read/write errors on affected storage media. This causes filesystem corruption and data loss, which is unrecoverable.

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Also we remember the Interferon a virus detection in the bootblock


And Saddam Virus :

Name:  Saddam Virus
Type : Disk-Validator-Virus
Alias : Saddam Hussein
Known clones : 1234, Affe, Animal, Gral, Hardex, Iran, Kick, Lame, Laurin, Loom, Nato, Parfum, Risc
Danger level : Extremely dangerous
Characteristics : Altered vectors
The virus has a total length of : 1848 bytes
The virus is resident by using : ColdCapture
The virus is : fully encrypted
The virus deliberately : destroys user data
The virus alters : CoolCapture / ExecBase
The virus alters : Interrupt $90(A6) / ExecBase
The virus encrypts : user data

Close() dos.library -36
InitResident() exec.library -102
OpenWindow() intuition.library -204
BeginIO() trackdisk.device -30

Read the Rest at AVE ;-)

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