Amiga’s Stalker : Unreleased Game gets Reloaded

there are more different version out there. The Video game was never released but now it gets a new version , re-edited and re-boosted from original.


According to József Punk, STALKER was a prototype of an Amiga game that was developed with two of his friends about 20 years ago. The main unique feature of the game was the rearrangeable playfield. The player controls a two leg robot in a scene that is built by same sized blocks. These blocks are moveable in a rearranged mode….He went on to say, although there are different versions available, the game was never finished nor released as they couldn’t find a publisher to finance the development.
Thankfully in 2020 with a lot of discussion on the EAB forums everyone can enjoy the best version so far, as DamienD hasn’t just released a downloadable ADF containing a fabulous title screenshot from v0.64, but also another high quality title screen from a much older version v0.24, with inclusive gameplay developments from the very last known version of v0.778!


Stalker’s Website

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