Amiga’s Star Dust Wars

Start Dust Wars is a game for Amiga 500 Star Wars inspired where you have to pilot your X-Wing until the Death Star and crash it.

From its original website:

Star (Dust) Wars (2018 gyagyagyerek)

Written in Amos by L Sövény (nickname: gyagyagyerek) member of Hungary

In your X-wing you will have to defend against hordes Tie Fighter of the Empire and destroy the Death Star in this shoot em up to 2.5D. Special mention to the tunnel level on the Death Star.

Sheet StarDust Wars (2018 gyagyagyerek)

Look gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Download (v1.3D of 01/16/2019): ADF

Amiga Requirements:

More A500 – 2MB Chip – Fast 128MB – 8Gb FC – 68080 @ 78Mhz (2 + Vampire inside)
A1200 – Fast 256MB – 80GB HD – 68060 @ 96MHz – Delfina DSP – WiFi PCMCIA

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