Ultrafast Amiga Workbench on your phone or tablet – now with JIT and Touchscreen support.

The app uses AmiKit, the unique compilation of 350+ Amiga programs, waiting for you to explore on your mobile device! Portable and desktop versions for Windows, Linux and Mac

– Amiga Operating System – version 3.5 or 3.9 or XL or Amiga Forever CD:
– Amiga Kickstart ROM 3.1 file – also included with Amiga Forever CD or in Amiga Forever Essentials available on Google Play:
– a phone with ARM compatible CPU (not x86)



1) First, the application will download the latest AmiKit hardfile (a virtual harddisk) to android/data/sk.amiga.amikit.arm/files folder of your device automatically.

2) You will need Amiga Kickstart ROM 3.1 file to run the emulator, see requirements above. Either install the Amiga Forever Essentials from Google Play (and the ROM will be detected by AmiKit automatically), OR copy the ROM to android/data/sk.amiga.amikit.arm/files/ROMs folder manually. In this case you will also need to edit conf/uaeconfig.uae and set the path to the ROM file.

3) You will need Amiga Operating system files, see requirements above. For example if you have OS3.9 CD then copy the entire content of the CD (including file) over to the AmigaOS3.9 subfolder of android/data/sk.amiga.amikit.arm/files folder. If you have different OS version, copy its entire content to the corresponding subfolder („Amiga Forever“ or “AmigaOS XL“ or “AmigaOS3.5“). Then the files will be detected and imported to AmiKit automatically.



You can pack the content of the CD to ZIP (audio and video folders of AmigaOS3.9 are not necessary), upload the archive to your GoogleDrive or Dropbox and then use Total Commander with GoogleDrivePlugin or DropboxPlugin to download and unpack the archive to the corresponding folder of your phone.

Now your AmiKit should be complete and ready to use. Enjoy!

NOTE: To make WHDLoad games work, copy the ROM 3.1 file (in Amiga Forever package it’s named ”amiga-os-310.rom”) to AmiKit:Devs/Kickstarts folder and name it “kick40068.A4000”. Also copy ROM 1.3 file (”amiga-os-130.rom”) to the same location and name it ”kick34005.A500”. Don’t forget to copy
the “rom.key” file there too if you have one. However, this operation has to be done in AmiKit environment, because the AmiKit file structure (hardfile) isn’t accessible from Android.


To configure E-UAE press BACK or MENU key and the settings window will appear (or it appears automatically if something goes wrong during startup). You can also configure E-UAE manually by editing uaeconfig.uae file via any text editor. It’s located in android/data/sk.amiga.amikit.arm/files/conf folder (make sure the hidden files are shown).


Press „Change device configuration“ button on app start to access SDL-settings where you can setup On-Screen, Mouse, Video-settings and much more.

For games we recommend to enable joystick and fire button (“On-screen” -> “Remap on-screen controls”).

If you want use a mouse instead of touchscreen, make the following changes:

1) when the app starts, click the “Change device configuration” button, then Mouse emulation -> Advanced features -> and enable Relative mouse movement (laptop mode)

2) then launch the emulation and press Back button to invoke Settings. Click Input and disable Mousehack and click reset button to restart the emulation. Please note the sound is not working correctly in Picasso96 modes yet.


AmiKit by Jan Zahurancik and contributors:
Android app by Lyubomyr Lisen:
Based on open-pandora port by TomB:
SDL port by Sergii Pylypenko aka pelya:


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