>Pixel artist Matt Frith’s created this cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game named Among Thorns.

>A world suffering with a technological plague, Cora Bry is recruited for a shady job. You will find immersed in a gloomy and rainy neon city. In the game, the player manages an inventory and talks to artificial characters, all animated in Frith’s distinct and stylish pixel art.


Originally designed and created in 1 month for the Monthy AGS competition on the AGS forums.


Left Click – Interact & Use Inventory.

Right Click – Look & Deselect Inventory Items.

Active Inventory items change your cursor red.


Story and Art – Matt Frith

Music – James Spanos

Sound Effects – Drew Wellman and Arvid Staaf


Runs in Wine – Exploring the possibility of a native Linux build.

The game is completely free but any money you can chip in would go a long way to convince me to make more, longer sequels.


Among 59 MB


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