Apidya Remakes

Apidya Remake

Apidya Remakes

Apidya is a horizontally-scrolling shoot ’em up computer game developed by Kaiko and released by Play Byte in 1992 for the Amiga.

The name Apidya appears to be styled after Japanese. The four katakana characters on the title screen, アビヂャ (pronounced “abija” but romanized “abidya” under the Nihon-shiki system), might be an attempted transliteration of the Latin Apidae, which is the name of the taxonomic family to which the honey bee belongs.

>Apidya was produced by Peter Thierolf, Frank Matzke and Chris Hülsbeck in 1991 or 1992 known as KAIKO for Commodore Amiga 500 and compatible! The PC version is written by Stefan Becker also known as fl_cody in 2002, 2004. The graphics and the music of the PC remake are the original ones made by Frank Matzke and Chris Hülsbeck. Apidya 2002 is freeware and a tribute to this fantastic classic computergame. By the way … if you´ve payed money for the ramke you have been cheated!

Here the remake .


APIDYA by Earok

– The “game hints” replace the Joypad/Joystick option, which had no tangible effect in gameplay (the memory address for that variable isn’t accessed during the main game). While it’s possible to use the second button on a megadrive pad, you’ve got to use the Second Btn option above that.

– Level select replaces the sound test, though not entirely. You can still listen to a song from each level by selecting it and pressing fire, though you can’t listen to all of the sub songs, boss songs and secret level songs. Someone smarter than me could probably patch in a Level select into that options menu without removing the sound test




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