>Archon is a war between the Light and the Dark: two armies of creatures and persons of myth and legend, called by the game “icons.” Each side begins with a force of 18 icons, with 8 different types per side. The Light and the Dark do not share any types, yet the teams are very evenly matched. The armies alternate turns, maneuvering for position on a chessboard-like Strategy Screen. On a single turn either one spell may be cast, or one icon moved. Turns may not be passed. Whenever an icon is moved to a square already occupied by an opposing piece, a battle ensues on the Combat Screen, where each different type of piece has its own hit points, attack damage, and so on, detailed below. The winning icon keeps the square, while the loser is eliminated from the game (both icons may be destroyed in the battle, in which case both are eliminated).

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..and…Finally the ancient 1983 Battle between the Light and the Dark

Archon Remake

got a remake… a brilliant , amazing , great one … Ladies and Gentlemen : Meet




>We would say one of the all time “greatest” , but that only serves to forge its peculiarity .

Action/strategy game released in 1983,what year ,  Archon fills itself with a diversity of characters from the middle age fantasy and their abilities in a schema of rules dazing so a unique gameplay .


a3 a4

Amiga version of Archon

Overview / Rules



Softgold Computerspiele released Archon Ultra in the year 1994. Archon Ultra is a old fantasy strategy game, part of the Archon series. Archon Ultra is abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played by up to 2 players. Archon Ultra can be described by the keywords: turn based, fantasy. Archon Ultra is available for download.


  • multiplayer:
    hotseat, LAN or Internet (1-2 players)
  • input:
    joystick, keyboard, mouse
  • distribution:
    3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
  • graphics:
  • sound:
    Adlib, Sound Blaster, Gravis Ultrasound, Pro Audio Spectrum
  • popularity: 2437 page views
  • DOSBox compatibility:
    • v 0.73
      100% – fully supported
    • v 0.70
      100% – fully supported

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