>Play the role of a girl who was born as a descendant of a great magical power.


>She begin searching for the Four Rings that contains the magical power which belong to her.

Advance through the levels, defeat enemy, level up and discover new power and items!Bonus are rewarded after defeating the game.

Genre: Adventure

Status: Complete

Engine/Language: Game Maker

Published On: November 15, 2010

Left/Right keys : Move left or right
Up/Down keys : Move camera up or down/Enter cave (Up key only)
Z/Y key : Attack
X key : Jump/OK
C key : Skills or magic/Cancel
SPACEBAR : Open menu/Cancel
P key : View map & pause game

F3 : Scale game screen size to Max/100%/200%/300%
F4 : Fullscreen (no change monitor resolution)
F9 : Take screenshots (saved on \SCREENSHOTS\)


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