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>HIV Virus may be modified, engineered specifically to a purpose then injected into human body in order to target and destroy cancer cells, and many others virii can be reprogrammed in combo with radiotherapy derivatives as carrier. However radionucleides required for this process are getting scarce because most of countries are closing down their nuclear reactors or are trying to ditch them for whatever irrational reason.

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>The operation is simple: you attach radioactive nucleii to the virus then it finds ,as programmed , the malformed cells, due to its proximity, the isotope then will decay going to destroy any cancer cell in its target, at the end it will die because that kind of radiation doesn’t go too far, it gets it to where it’s needed, so a first part is getting a right carrier and it’s ready to work out, and another other part is getting a suitable isotope which may usually survive a few hours up to a few days, hence these radioactive nucleeii can’t be stockpiled inside human body for long time rather a very short harmless time.
Their production is directly related to nuclear power generation, the infamous nuclear “waste” inside any nuclear reactor and it’s to say that only very few research reactors produce these isotopes whom we need for these experiments. Paying a high money cost it would be easiest to find the right isotopes for this job and thus reaching a concrete cure in these kind of mortal diseases, but most of the plants are being shut downed, and nowadays these new generation plants recycle own waste or pay to get new wastes to be used as new fuel for their work.
France is full of nuclear reactors and these are doing this recycling process by buying nuclear wastes from other countries when necessary. Paradoxically, think that half Italy underground got buried beneath like a giant mountain of radioactive wastes, the so said “Triangle of death” was going to be very useful nowadays but human stupidity is like these wastes, it becomes useless in a short time since their public release.


As Nuclear Gods plan.

>Actually, how many people know that we could build a reactor that eats any waste from the fuel left by its current reactors ?

by Bh44L and KarlX

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