>An Amiga port of a very fine Atari/Amstrad game released in the 90’s by Ubisoft? Well You can with Back to the Golden age, an Arcade and Action sword fighting game an adventure…

…at the end where you can explore rooms, castles, forests, fighting other knights and monsters that lurk in the dark, and furthermore : buy supplies, cast spells.The game is also enriched with fighting sequences and several rebus with enough complexity to keep you on for days.
You can play with a joystick or with the keyboard. As my other ports do, it’s 100% OS friendly and it multitasks happily – try Amiga-M.
For now the game won’t work on 68000, more a matter of 68020+ code of mine than a matter of speed. If some coder wants to turn my 64-bit mul & div into old 68000 code, just speak.
People having the experience of that game on the ST are more than welcome to test this version thoroughly. Anyone finishing the game must know that the end text has several pages and you cycle thru them with up and down (keyboard or joystick) – as that’s not obvious.
This version is multilingual. Choose the relevant start script (french or english).



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