Base Jumpers is a Commodore Amiga game developed by Shadow Software and coded by Adam Fothergill in 1994, produced by Rasputin.


The idea of Base Jumpers is original. Walk to the top of buildings, then jump down. Inside the building there are many obstacles and angry cops which try top stop you from reaching the top. When you do get there and jump down it is a matter of trying to eliminate your opponents while avoiding all kinds of obstacles like flag poles, which can break your fall and kill you.


Oh, and don’t remember to open your parachute in time!




Unlimited lives:
Select the “Change” option from the main menu, then type wibble. Exit the menu, then begin game play. Alternatively, type wib, start game play, and press any key.

Select the “Change” option from the main menu, then type one of the following codes to play the corresponding mini-game.

Mini-game Code
Shoot’em up game. seu
Racing game run
Portal Wombat beu
Warlords war
Pacman pac
Jumping game nab
Joust fly
Bomb The City bom

Cheat mode:
Select the “Change” option from the main menu, then type flible. Exit the menu and begin game play. Hold [Help] and type one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
No bonus nil
Play Jetstrike jet
Programmer bonus aaf
Air service sas
Graphics bonus asf
Triple A aaa
TV shopping qvc
Lunchbox time run
Country music cmt
Woof dog
Bob effect bob
End level bets bet
Artistic bonus art
Presidential bonus abe
Little bonus ant
Hat time hat
Have a drink ale
Cap time cap
Repeat bonus bbc
Just like that fez
Advertising time itv
Top hat top
Sky high sky
Bad chap cad
Sheep baa
Dirty dude den
Negative non
Cool tape bonus dat
Negative nix
Danny Baker daz
Positive yes
Food bonus eat
Positive yup
Plant trees elm
Very bad bad
Undecided bonus erm
Very rad rad
Sheep ewe
Yuppie bonus fax
Food bonus fry
Stupid bonus dim
Bonce boppers fad
Fantasy bonus elf
FBI bonus fed
Feel sick flu
Feds fbi
Have a drink gin
Jeweled bonus gem
Lay an egg hen
Shut up gag
Sandwich bonus jam
7FFF bonus hex
Brotherly bonus kin
Color bonus ink
Legal bonus law
Writing bonus pen
Phone yours mom
Tax irs
Flashback nam
Not well ill
Slick bonus oil
Pointy bonus jab
Piggies pig
Pointy bonus pin
So there qed
Gizza job job
Chips ram
Cool car bonus jag
Chips rom
Gardens bonus kew
Tax bill tax
God of football kev
Unexploded bonus uxb
Cheap screen time lcd
French wine vin
Cool computer mac
Money wad
Plant more trees oak
Expletive deleted xxx
Where rat
Wake up dopey zzz
Aaagh rap
Kaboom bom
Small bonus tad
Salmonella egg
Toc tic
Aerial combat fly
Caveman bonus ugh
Drop the bomb cnd
Tax vat
The bomb ban
Important bonus vip
Gotcha boo
Out way
Space invaders con
Dummy wax
I said captain wot
Stormy weather wet
Hairy cow bonus yak
Shiny bonus sun
Ouch zap
Piggies sty
Alas poor Yorick act
All equal tie
Plant more trees ook
All highest max
The key game key
All lowest min
No swearing poo
Oops sorry off
No swearing fok
Time for violence beu
No swearing fuk
Reverse map pam
No swearing dam
Reverse view rev
No swearing bum
Complete level win
Complete level xit
Complete level ron
Slippery mode icy
Slippery mode ice
Memory mem

Status Password
Event 1 ONE
Level 2 TUT
Event 2 TWO
Level 3 END
Event 3 BAT
Level 4 MAD

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