>A tough 2D fighter directly inspired form 16bit world helped by Mugen and direct fantasy of the artists behind this project : Battle Stormer Classics..


19 Stages – 12 Fighters


This project was born of a divergence of ideas during the development process of the project Super Nostalgia Wars, by MDI. Zvitor and I had some ideas that were not compatible with that project, but we were thinking that would work out.

After some attempts, Zvitor decided to leave the previous project and suggested that we should have our own project, which I readily supported. The characters made for that project are still available in the previous project (is up to MDI to use them or not). I still am part of that project, but this will be my focus now.


The project gameplay is very simple, far more based on platform games rather than fighting games:

– one round, no defense and no auto turn
– Two attack buttons and one special
– Some interactive backgrounds (platforms, items, breakable objects, etc.)
– Interactive life bars, which reacts when the player was hit
– Non-playable bosses

– Characters from 16-bit systems or more
– No super deformed characters (big head, for example) or too cartoonish characters



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