Bitmap Brothers Zed Steel Soldiers

Or Z: The Game by Bitmap Brothers is a RTG set in a dystopian world.

Old Bitmap Brothers Website.

Released 2nd September 1996

Z is… a real-time wargame in a totally free environment, unhampered by discrete turns or dull hex grids. A hair-raising race for territory and resources as you attempt to crush your opponent completely before he overpowers you. An intuitive control interface – no need to wade through a large and boring manual, just pick up and play. Super smooth multidirectional scrolling. Twenty challenging levels played over five deadly planets each with a unique terrain ranging from frozen Arctic wastes to nightmarish lands of fire and lava.

Z has… robot soldiers with individual personalities which determine how they react to different situations and how effectively they carry out your orders – will they chicken and run, or march gung-ho into the jaws of hell itself? Six robot types with unique personalities and their own weapons, ranging from humble rifles to machine guns and antitank missile launchers. Robots perform up to 40 different actions, created with an incredible 2000 frames of animation. Eleven types of hardware for your robots to control, from tanks, jeeps and armoured personnel carriers to gattling guns and missile launchers. Many different buildings, including factories, radar and repair installations, to capture and control.

Check also ZOD ENGINE, a powerful and active remake on Sourceforge.

And ZED Online.

And the Sequel: Z-Steel Soldier

Available also on

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