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>Back in 80’s videogames about pirates can count on some dozen of titles.. amongst them you may find Black Beard for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX..

As Captain Blackbeard. your mission is to retrieve
the treasure map stolen from you by the despicable
Red Beard, an underhanded swab who has not only
stolen your prized possession but has scuttled your
ship and taken your crew as his own. All you know
is that the map lies inside one of the many chests
secreted throughout the ship; but beware,
members of your now mutinous crew lie in wait
and will do their utmost to send you to Davy Jones'
Locker and take the treasure map for themselves.

As you move around each deck of the ship you will
come across 'knives' and 'pistols'. You will need
these to defend yourself against the pirates that
hunt you. Knives serve solely for killing opposing
pirates, whereas pistols serve a dual role. Not only
do they kill pirates, but they also allow you to open
the chests you wish to search.

Once opened, you may be able to retrieve items that
will aid you in your mission. These are: extra lives,
potions of immunity (that will last a limited time)
and a guiding light. The guiding light is particularly
useful as it allows you to fire a cannon that will
destroy your enemies only entrance. As you search
through the chests, if you come across one that you
cannot open, go back to it once you have opened
all of the others and see what you find!

The Ship
The ship is divided into four sections: the deck, a
number of cabins, and two holds. To move into the
belly of the ship you will have to use the staircases.
To use them. move up to a staircase and press the
FIRE BUTTON; this will take you to the next level.

Screen Display
On the right hand side of the screen can be found
indicators referring to: number of lives remaining,
weapons and energy (displayed in the form of
bottles of rum). Energy is maintained by collecting
and drinking the bottles of rum that can be found
throughout the ship. However, take care. certain
bottles have been left by your enemies that, instead
of giving you energy, leave you completely drunk
for a short while, and at the mercy of anyone close


* Pistols have limited ammunition so use them only
  when necessary.
* Use boxes, barrels, chests and other objects to
  shelter yourself from the attack of an enemy. Be
  careful, their knives can travel through any gaps
  in the objects.
* Take advantage of immunity potions to get out
  of a sticky situation while killing as many
  enemies as you can.

(c) 1988 TOPOSOFT. Licensed to KIXX.


Amstrad colored version of Black Beard


MSX Black n White Version of Back Beard





>Another good title in this genre is Corsarios by Opera Soft



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