<Black Jewel is a PC game created in c64 style by Oscar Celestini. Pure pixel art and simple concept, evne too much “basic” and hard gameplay.

You are Ryan, a barbarian warrior , looks like Rastan but with ties to Conan the Barbarian, and you’ve got to keep back to the realm the Black Jewel, stealed by Darkor.

Too bad that jumping you cannot use the sword to attack.

-Play using keyboard or joypad;
– CRT effect perfect for a retrogame feeling available;
– Five different zones (forest, ruins, castle…) More than 50 screens to complete in old style pixel art;
– 5 dangerous bosses;
– Intro and ending pixel art illustrations;
– Best score;
– Original Ost, 5 tracks by Gianluca Pappalardo, 1 special track by Daniele Coppola.


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