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Xe Services LLC is a private military company founded as Blackwater USA in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark.
In October 2007, the company was renamed Blackwater Worldwide and was colloquially referred to as “Blackwater”. Blackwater has a wide array of business divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-off corporations but the organization as a whole has courted much controversy.

Based in the U.S. state of North Carolina, Xe operates a tactical training facility (36°27?N 76°12?W? / ?36.45°N 76.2°W? / 36.45; -76.2) which the company claims is the world’s largest, and at which the company trains more than 40,000 people a year, mostly from U.S. or foreign military and police services. The training consists of military offensive and defensive operations, as well as smaller scale personal security.
The company announced on February 13, 2009, that it would operate under the new name “Xe”. In a memo sent to employees, President Gary Jackson wrote that the new name “reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.” A spokesman for the company stated that it feels the Blackwater name is too closely associated with the company’s work in Iraq.Spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said there was no meaning in the new name, which the company spent over a year to arrive at in an internal search.

The company is still under contract with the State Department and some Xe personnel will likely remain in Iraq at least until September 2009.

Raven Development Group

The Raven Development Group is a construction management and management subsidiary. It was established in 1999 to design and build Blackwater Worldwide’s training facility in North Carolina.

Greystone Limited

A private security service, Greystone is registered in Barbados, and employs third country nationals for offshore security work through its affiliate Satelles Solutions, Inc.[70] Their web site advertises their ability to provide “personnel from the best militaries throughout the world” for worldwide deployment. Tasks can be from very small scale up major operations to “facilitate large scale stability operations requiring large numbers of people to assist in securing a region”.
Greystone had planned to open a training facility on the grounds of the Subic Bay U.S. Naval Base, but those plans were later abandoned.

Iraqi War :

Fallujah and Al Najaf

On March 31, 2004, Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah attacked a convoy containing four American private military contractors from Blackwater USA who were conducting delivery for food caterers ESS.[81] The four contractors, Scott Helvenston, Jerry Zovko, Wesley Batalona and Michael Teague, were attacked and killed with grenades and small arms fire. Their bodies were hung from a bridge crossing the Euphrates.This event was one of the causes of the U.S. military attack on the city in the First Battle of Fallujah.In the fall of 2007, a congressional report by the House Oversight Committee found that Blackwater intentionally “delayed and impeded” investigations into the contractors’ deaths.

In April 2004, a few days after the Fallujah bridge hanging, a small team of Blackwater employees, along with a fire team of U.S. Marines, held off over 400 insurgents outside the Coalition Provisional Authority headquarters in Al Najaf, Iraq, waiting for U.S. troops to arrive. The headquarters was surrounded and it was the last area in the city that remained in coalition control. During the siege, as supplies and ammunition ran low, a team of Blackwater contractors 70 miles (113 km) away flew to the compound to resupply and bring an injured U.S. Marine back to safety outside of the city.[85][86] In April 2005 six Blackwater independent contractors were killed in Iraq when their Mi-8 helicopter was shot down. Also killed were three Bulgarian crewmembers and two Fijian gunners. Initial reports indicate the helicopter was shot down by rocket propelled grenades.[citation needed] In 2006 a car accident occurred in the Baghdad Green Zone when an SUV driven by Blackwater operatives crashed into a U.S. Army Humvee. Blackwater guards disarmed the Army soldiers and forced them to lie on the ground at gunpoint until they could disentangle their SUV from the wreck.


On February 16, 2005, four Blackwater guards escorting a U.S. State Department convoy fired 70 bullets into an Iraqi’s car. The guards stated that they felt threatened by the car’s approach. The fate of the car’s driver was unknown because the convoy did not stop after the shooting. An investigation by the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service concluded that the shooting was not justified and that the Blackwater employees provided false statements to investigators. The false statements claimed that the one of the Blackwater vehicles had been hit by insurgent gunfire, but the investigation found that one of the Blackwater guards had actually fired into his own vehicle. John Frese, the U.S. embassy in Iraq’s top security official, declined to punish Blackwater or the security guards, stating that “any disciplinary actions would be deemed as lowering the morale” of the Blackwater contractors.

On February 6, 2006, a sniper employed by Blackwater Worldwide opened fire from the roof of the Iraqi Justice Ministry, killing three guards working for the state-funded Iraqi Media Network. According to 13 witnesses, the guards had not fired on the Justice Ministry. An Iraqi police report described the shootings as “an act of terrorism” and said Blackwater “caused the incident.”
Iraqi Media Network concluded that the guards were killed “without any provocation.”
The U.S. State Department, based on information obtained from Blackwater guards, who said they were fired upon, determined that the security team’s actions “fell within approved rules governing the use of force.”

Five Blackwater contractors were killed on January 23, 2007, in Iraq when their Hughes H-6 helicopter was shot down. The incident happened on Baghdad’s Haifa Street. The crash site was secured by a personal security detail, callsign “Jester” from 1/26 Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Three Iraqi insurgent groups claimed responsibility for shooting down the helicopter, however, this has not been confirmed by the United States.
A U.S. defense official has confirmed that four of the five killed were shot execution style in the back of the head, but did not know whether the four had survived the crash.

On September 16, 2007, Blackwater guards opened fire in Nisoor Square, Baghdad, killing 17 civilians in the Blackwater Baghdad shootings incident. Witnesses claimed that the attack was unprovoked and that the contractors, in the employ of the U.S., continued firing while the Iraqi civilians were fleeing. Two Blackwater helicopters were also spotted at the time, that witnesses say aided in the attack. However, Blackwater claims that its guards were under attack and responded accordingly. The FBI found that at least 14 of the shootings were unjustified and found no evidence to support assertions by Blackwater employees that they were fired upon by Iraqi civilians.Federal prosecutors have narrowed their focus to three Blackwater employees. A number of victims and victims’ families have filed a lawsuit against Blackwater in Atban, et al. v. Blackwater USA .

Abidat wrote in the Abu Dhabi daily newspaper Al-Bayan that:

The painful saga of modern Arab-Muslim history evokes the battles fought in the Crusades of the 11th century, when the Knights of Malta began their operations as a Christian militia whose mission it was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders. These memories return violently to mind with the discovery of links between the so-called security firms in Iraq such as Blackwater have historic links with the Knights of Malta. You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government, or the most mysterious government in the world.

Accusations of Crusader Ideology

In early August 2009, sworn affidavits lodged at a Virginia court in the USA contained various allegations including murder, weapons smuggling, and the deliberate slaughter of civilians against Blackwater, with claims that founder Erik Prince had organised the murder of former employees co-operating with US federal investigators.[104] In one of the affidavits a former employee who served for 4 years in Blackwater and was a former US marine, alleged that Mr Prince:

“views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe…To that end, Mr. Prince intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis. Many of these men used call signs based on the Knights of the Templar, the warriors who fought the Crusades”.

It was also claimed that Mr Prince and other executives destroyed incriminating videos, e-mails and documents to prevent the US State Department obtaining them.In a statement to CNN, the company said

“It is obvious that plaintiffs have chosen to slander Mr Prince rather than raise legal arguments or actual facts that will be considered by a court of law. We are happy to engage them there.“We question the judgment of anyone who relies upon and [reiterates] anonymous declarations.”

Role in the CIA’s secret assassination program

Mark Manzetti, writing in the New York Times on August 19 2009, reported that the CIA had hired Blackwater “as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of Al Qaeda.”
Newly appointed CIA director Leon Panetta had recently acknowledged a planned secret assassination program, one withheld from Congressional oversight. Manzetti’s sources which tied the assassination program to Blackwater declined to have their names made public. The CIA was acting on a 2001 presidential legal pronouncement, known as a finding, which authorized the CIA to pursue such efforts.[186] Several million dollars were spent on planning and training, but it was never operationalized and no militants were caught or captured.

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