Blade Runner Anime

>It’s a brilliant Blade Runner Anime Fan Cut , gorgeous masterpiece

considering that it comes form a cut&paste plus audio editing ,

a very impressive and heavy job !

Well Done mate !


I’ve always loved Blade Runner, and ever since living in Japan and spending many a night in Tokyo, I’ve always wondered what an anime version of this cult classic would look like. So I made a what-if trailer of just that idea. I hope you like it!

The audio is from Warner Bros’ 30th Anniversary Blade Runner trailer. The video is from AD Police Files (1990 OVA) and it’s related series, Bubblegum Crisis (1987-1991).

In case there is any confusion, my name is Chris Kessler and I made this video.

UPDATE: All the positive feedback is amazing! I’m thrilled that so many people like this video. (If you happen to really REALLY like it… I’m getting married, moving, and starting grad school within the next two months, and have a registry listed to help us out at…….)



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