Bomb Uzal Remake

Bombuzal is a computer puzzle game designed by Antony Crowther (credited as Ratt in the game) and David Bishop for Image Works.The game was released in 1988 for the Amiga, Atari ST and Commodore 64. It was also released in 1989 for MS-DOS and 1990 for the Super NES, with the North American version renamed as Ka-Blooey.

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Bomb Uzal Remake

>Bombzuka is a hardcore bomb technician at heart. What that means is that this ‘cuddly’ little creature spends all day and all night diffusing hazardous bombs and mines that he happens to come across as he leaps from one digital world to the next.

You star as Bombzuka and if you haven’t guessed by now, your goal in the game is to strategically and carefully detonate each and every bomb/mine found within every level, while making sure to leave yourself a safe and secure standing place at the end!

Life isn’t all that easy for Bombzuka, however. As he makes his way through each map to detonate the explosives, he is likely to encounter a series of hazards including enemies, dissolving platforms, spinners, teleports leading to places unknown, and so-on.

Detonate all of the bombs and mines before the time runs out while making sure to secure a safe spot to stand on at the end, and you will progress to the next world where more explosives await.


Virtually all of the features found in the original Bombuzal game can also be found in this remake (but with 100% all new content created by myself). Some of the highlighted features of Bombzuka include:

All 130 original levels meticulously re-constructed in a true 3D format

An enhanced password system so you don’t have to manually enter codes

Additional control methods (Keyboard, Joystick, Buttons, Mouse[x3])

A vastly expanded menu system containing dozens of additional options

Fully customizable controls, difficulty levels, video, audio, and more

Same classic feel and functionality, with modernized visuals and sound


This game was designed so that it should run virtually identical on all machines as long as the frame rate remains at 25-30FPS or higher. Users with high-end machines will be able to take full advantage of the uncapped frame rate, which will make game animations and movement appear smoother. For complete system requirement information, please refer to the comprehensive Readme file.


1.0GHZ Processor
32MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C


2.4GHZ Processor
128MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C

System Requirements

The raw game files are ZIP-compressed, so you’ll need WinZip or some other type of extraction utility to decompress the contents. Be sure to maintain the complete game directory structure when extracting, or the game itself will fail to load.


P.S., After playing the game, you should check out the 20-page “Behind the Scenes” PDF document for an inside look into what all went into the development of Bombzuka (including tons of screenshots)!



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