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Boulder Dash Remakes

Boulder Dash (バルダーダッシュ Barudā Dasshu?), originally released in 1984 for Atari 8-bit computers,[1] is a series of computer games released for the Apple II, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and ColecoVision home computers, and later ported to the NES, BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, PC, Amstrad CPC, Amiga and many other platforms. It was created by Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, and on October 28, 1983, acquired and later published by First Star Software, which still owns the rights to the game. Boulder Dash inherits numerous gameplay similarities from the earlier 1982 arcade game The Pit, by Japanese developer Taito.

The game’s protagonist is called “Rockford”. He must dig through caves collecting gems and diamonds and reach the exit within a time limit, while avoiding various types of dangerous creatures as well as obstacles like falling rocks and the constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalanche, or killed by an underground explosion.

The Commodore 64 version of the first game was also re-released on the Virtual Console in Europe on September 19, 2008, and in North America on June 1, 2009, but was removed from the service in 2013.



Rockford™ and Crystal™, heroes of Boulder Dash®, one of the greatest classic video games, get their bits and bytes together to make their Next Gen-Debut.

Back in the 80’s, when hairstyles were wild, music was electronic and video games were sold on Music Cassettes in Europe (yes, it’s really true!), Boulder Dash® won our hearts by storm. The creative and frantic gameplay mix required both our reflexes and brains to avoid murderous rock slides of Boulders and get our hands on those precious Diamonds in 20 fun-filled Caves infested by Fireflies, Butterflies and Amoebas.
In 2011 our childhood heroes take it to the Caves again on Xbox 360 and PC in Boulder Dash® – XL™! Leaving the essence of what we all love about Rockford’s classic quest for Diamonds intact, Boulder Dash® returns Next Gen-Style, with new, exciting Game Modes, Gameplay Elements, Monsters and more Diamonds to snatch than ever before!

Beware of the Rock Slides!


No matter if you have fond memories of playing the Original, or if you are new to boulder dashing™, the awesome mix of old fan favorites and new stuff found in Boulder Dash® – XL™ will win your heart:

  • Five great Game Modes, providing both old school-computer gaming fun and new challenges
  • A total of over 150 Caves to conquer across the various modes
  • Reign supreme on the Highscore Tables by chaining Diamond-Collection-Combos and Score Multipliers
  • 4 beautiful game worlds infested by old “Friends” and a cast of new, cool adversaries
  • HD Graphics and detailed animation bring the hunt for Diamonds to life
  • ————————————–


Boulder Rocks! 3D is a remake of old, famous game Boulder Dash. Original game has been created in early 80’s last century and it has been developed for many platforms, including most popular 8-bit computers.

BR!3D is based fully on its predecessor. But the graphics and sound are made for todays computers, so flat pictures has been replaced by 3D objects with added a few special effects. But all of it is still similar to original game and lets you for as good gameplay as original!





RoX is a freeware Windows game created by Ilya and Dmitriy Safro.

It’s similar in many ways to my Commodore 64 favorite Boulder Dash,

but with very stylish modern graphics and music.

I created this page because I found no RoX information or custom level sets on the Internet.

The official Safrosoft site is down indefinitely.

But there is hope that we might eventually see more by Safrosoft, including a sequel to RoX.




– arcade style game for Unix, Mac OS X, Windows and DOS in the tradition of:
+ “Boulder Dash” (C 64)
+ “Emerald Mine” (Amiga)
+ “Supaplex” (Amiga/PC)
+ “Sokoban” (PC)
Other features:

– network multiplayer games (upto 4 players) for Unix platform
– local multiplayer games (upto 4 players) for all supported platforms
– soft scrolling with 50 frames per second
– freely customizable keyboard and joystick support
– stereo sound effects and music
– music modules and fullscreen in SDL version
– contains levels to play Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Sokoban
– lots of additional levels available (over 10.000)
– distributed with full source code under the GNU General Public License
– available for Unix (all flavors), DOS and Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
– known to work under BeOS and Mac OS X
– should compile on any platform supporting either X11 or SDL



>ROCKFORD by Melbourne House FOR AMIGA 500



In Boulder Remake (aka Boulder Dash Remake) you play as a person in a cave who must find all the diamonds in the cave and then make it to the exit before time expires. This is much easier said than done. It is a very dificult game. There are many obstilces to overcome. Some of which are: Balls can fall on you. Items can case after you. And of course there are barriers. If the 16 already made caves are to hard, modify them or make your own with the built in cave editor.

There is not much music in Boulder Remake but make sure you have the sound on so you will hear the neat sound effects. In full screen mode the game uses a 640×480 resolution with a black border around the cave. The in game help accessed by pressing ‘H’ is very good but make sure you pause your game first. or time will run out.

Before start of new game:
L = Load game
Left/right arrow keys = Select cave
Up/down arrow keys = Select level
Space = Start game
Enter = Toggle full screen/window
H = Help
M = Mute
S = Speed

While playing:
Arrow keys = move
Arrow keys + space = Pick up diamond, remove dirt or push stone without moving
Esc = Replay cave
N = Next cave (reset score)
P = Pause

While in cave editor:
Left mouse button = Draw single element
Right mouse button = Draw rectangle
Middle mouse button = Click on stone, diamond, firefly or butterfly to change properties
T = Test cave
Esc = Exit test
= – Next Cave
– – Previous Cave
] – Next Level
[ – Previous Level
. – Next menu element
, – Previous menu element

If you are an experienced Boulderdash player and find other ones to easy, give Boulder Remake a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed by Mark S.

new version 1.8.5: LOTS of nice changes
new addon: 54 Boulder Remake games (over 1000 new caves with 565 recorded demos)
new: extra grafics sounds and fonts



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