<In tomorrow’s Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon.

CREW – Writer / Director / Editor / Art Director: Philippe McKie [[email protected]] – Director of Photography: Hans Bobanovits – Sound design and mixing: Remy Sealey – Co-Producer: Kiwa Wakabayashi – 1st AC: Michelle Basco – Gaffer: Yanis Deschamps – VFX Artists: Jeremy Ezekiel / Santiago Menghini / Supranutz [Including Animations by BEEPLE ♥ ] – Colorist: Martin Gaumond – Sound Recorder: Dave Chaness – Vocaloid Artist: Yusaku Kikode – Stylist / MUA: Katy San – Post Production Services by SOLOPOST [] CAST – MACH1: Yuka Tomatsu – Junky: Arisa Hanzawa – Hunter: Kazuya Shimizu – Butoh Dancers: Shingo Matsuoka / Taz Burns – Dancers: LION / Koppi Mizrahi / Amaguri Mizrahi / Ku Mizrahi / Rummy Mizrahi / Nana Quinn – DJ RYUZU – Tokyo Zentai Club – Special Thanks to Tokyo Decadance Crew and Adrien MUSIC ‘Lux Aeterna’ by FORSS ‘MSMSMSM’ by SOPHIE ‘Escalate’ by WHIPPED CREAM X GRRL ‘FUCK YOU’ by Cansino w Neraph ‘Babylon’ by Phentix SELECTED AWARDS BEST SHORT FILM ✩ Hollywood Just 4 Shorts ✩ Hollywood Film Competition ✩ LA Shorts Awards ✩ Gold Movie Awards ✩ NYC Indie Film Awards ✩ Supercon 2017 Super Geek Film Festival BEST SCI FI: ✩ SPASM ✩ Silver Scream ✩ Wasteland Film Festival ✩ Something Wicked ✩ Los Angeles Film Awards ✩ FROSTBITE International Film Festival ✩ Festigious ✩ European Cinematography Awards ✩ Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition ✩ Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards ✩ Discover Film Awards ✩ ONIROS Film Awards ✩ Lost Sanity Horror and Sci-Fi Festival ✩ North American Film Awards BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: ✩ Los Angeles Film Awards ✩ LA Shorts Awards ✩ Gold Movie Awards ✩ European Cinematography Awards ✩ NYC Indie Film Awards ✩ Accolade Global Film Competition ✩ Hollywood Film Competition ✩ Top Indie Film Awards ✩ MINDFIELD ✩ Howling Wolf International Film Awards ✩ European Independent Film Award BEST SOUND DESIGN: ✩ Los Angeles Film Awards ✩ European Cinematography Awards ✩ ONIROS Film Awards BEST ACTRESS: ✩ Festigious ✩ Actors Awards (Sci Fi category) Best Visual Effects: ✩ Unreal Film Festival ✩ Genre Celebration Best Costumes: ✩ Unreal Film Festival ✩ The ZONE SciFan International ✩ ONIROS Film Awards BEST DIRECTOR ✩ Hollywood Film Competition ✩ Los Angeles Film Awards ✩ LA Shorts Awards ✩ NYC Indie Film Awards ✩ Yes! Film Festival ✩ Calcutta International Cult Film Festival ✩ Accolade Global Film Competition

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