Bruce Lee Return of the Fury

The long awaited sequel is finally available, although the previous one wasn’t bad at all.

“Return of Fury” is a continuation of the original game “Bruce Lee” developed by DataSoft, Inc in 1984. It features all of the classic gameplay in a brand new world. Bruce’s long-time foes, The Yamo and The Ninja also return, as always hell-bent on foiling Bruce’s challenge.

35 years later, The Emperor had rebuilt the Forbidden World.
Enemies regrouped and came back even stronger.
There was no backing out of the challenge ahead.
Be like water, my friend, and you will be victorious.
The Legend has returned – The Adventure continues.

Use joysticks 1-4 left/right to select character.
Press fire button to assign a device for the character, press again for CPU control.
Push up for bare upper body or iconic yellow jumpsuit.
Press fire button on difficulty level NORMAL or HARD to start the game
Bruce must be human controlled, or game will not start.

SPACE to pause/continue the game.
F1 to return to the Titles.

Original game by DataSoft, Inc. 1984
Return of Fury modification by Megastyle
Published by Megastyle 2019

Original programming by Ron J. Fortier
Graphics by Kelly Day
Sound Effects and Title Theme by John A. Fitzpatrick

Maps, music and additional programming by Vidar “dmx” Bang
Loading picture by Rune “Sparkler” Spaans
Megastyle intro by Kåre “Docster” Johansen, Roy “Rotteroy” Widding
Testing by Rotteroy, Docster, Andrew “Merman” Fisher, Anders “Rage” Rodahl, Vinny Mainolfi
Linking by Chris “Microbit” Stanley
Final compilation by Rotteroy

We’re grateful for any feedback you may have on this game: (dmx) (Rotteroy)


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