>China-based indie developer Onipunks launched Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns today for it’s roguelike real-time strategy game C-Wars.

The developer describes the game as a “cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike” mashed up with real time stratetgy-style combat and a touch of action role-playing game “essence.” The game features detailed pixel art and fully animated sprites made on Onipunk’s in-house engine, ONI-engine.


>The game is set in the distant future after mankind has colonized the moon. One of the moon’s largest cities is infected by creatures called “crystal mutants,” which then spread to a second city. The government decides to use nuclear weapons to wipe out these two locations, with players taking on the role of the area’s field commander on a mission to find a way to save them.

Players will head into combat on a battle grid similar to the Fire Emblem games, and will summon soldiers into battle for backup. According to Kickstarter, depending on the choices players make while exploring the infected cities, the game will have different endings.

Onipunks is asking for $32,000 to fund the game for publication on Windows PC. At the time of writing C-Wars is sitting at just below $1,000. Check out the video above for a look at C-Wars in action. Download and play the latest version of the game’s alpha here.

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