Just because the Commodore 64 is thirty years old doesn’t mean it can’t join in on the wave of rhythm based games as of recent. Hardsync is a shrunk down C64 friendly version of Dance Dance Revolution, with the all important ability to connect and use PlayStation dance mat accessories for an authentic 8-bit dance off.

The Commodore 64 isn’t the only system that has been granted access to the modern wave of rhythm games as of recent. The Nintendo NES was lucky enough to get its own D-Pad Hero and even the Nintendo Virtual Boy was kitted out for the occasion with Game Hero.

Hardsync is Lft‘s latest release to the homebrew Commodore 64 community and one that is set to stay. If it wasn’t already impressive enough that a rhythm game had landed on the classic computer, Hardsync offers the ability to add your very own custom songs and steps into the mix. So should you be a Commodore 64 SID musician or prefer to dance to particular C64 game music, you now can.

The best addition to Hardsync though is its compatibility with the PSX64 adapter. This handy device allows any PlayStation control pads to be plugged into the Commodore 64 and used as a joystick alternative, dance mats included. So don’t be alarmed the next time you see somebody jiving in front of a C64.


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