<Another gem from CRL Group, minimal game , maximum entertainment memory, Hercules is a video game Commodore 64 by Interdisc in 1984. It was later reissued by Alpha Omega/The Power House (part of CRL Group) and ported to ZX Spectrum and Plus/4.

Hercules must complete the Twelve Deathly Labours of Hercules. The game takes the form of many early platform games in that the player must jump from platform to platform and climb ropes in order to move across the screen from a fixed starting point to the goal while avoiding deadly enemies. The main twist in this game is that the platforms are not as they seem when the level begins. Some platforms will turn to fire when walked on (and so kill the player), others cannot be seen until walked on (so will appear out of thin air). There is no way of knowing which platforms will change when starting out so the player must use trial and error and memory to work out the correct path. This is made more difficult by the fact that the levels are not played in sequence. The game can begin with any one of eleven of the twelve labours (the twelfth is always kept until the end) and then every time the player dies or completes a labour, a different random labour begins. There are fifty screens in total. (wiki source)



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