C64 Mad Doctor

>We published on Youtube the Mad Doctor Longplay,
the classic c64 videogame made by Creative Sparks ,
a British video games software house in existence during the 1980s.

The company started out as Thorn EMI Computer Software,
a division of the now-defunct British conglomerate Thorn EMI,
and later changed its name.
Creative Sparks also used the Sparklers label for budget-priced reissues
of their old software.Later, the low-cost software label Alternative Software
acquired the distribution rights to several Creative Sparks titles.


>Better than any description or review ,
here we paste what lemon64 users wrote about it :

Robotron 2084 – 2006-04-26
Yeah, running around, killing the innocent then hacking their corpses into pieces (for scientific reasons), looting graveyards…it’s all in a day’s work for the MAD DOCTOR.
Can it get any sicker (and funnier) than this?

furrypoo – 2005-12-17
How Zzap! could only give this game 40%, I dont know. They only got a boner for movie tie-in games anyway, they always hated games that werent programmed by their mates. This game is stunning – DEAD creepy!


mad doctor by creative sparks
mad doctor

mad doctor

Acid303 – 2005-10-02
This game is just one of the best on the C64! You are the mad doctor and have to create some sort of creature by killing people and using their limbs, heads and other body parts to make a new person. I think the ultimate goal of the game is to make your monster perform at the theatre in town, I’m not sure about that… But it’s an absolute classic, you got a whole town of people to mess with, you can even dig up dead bodies or steal the corpses from their coffins, of course after a while the mob(townspeople) might get angry at you and hunt you down. 10/10, try this game now

dandy2000 – 2005-05-14
This game is the total Scheisse. I play it just for the satisfaction of killing innocent people. But those villagers deserve it. No one understands genius anyways. It’s always the smartest people that the mob tries to destroy. But the gratitude of Frankenstein for attacking me after I went through so much trouble to create him. Fricking ingrate. The tranquilizers don’t last too long either, so I have a whole lot of monster to deal with. He should be attacking those gout-ridden, rotten-toothed villagers, not me, but he’s too stupid to understand it. So ist das Leben. Such is life. Oh well. But definitely, his is one of the best games on the C64. Period.

Mark Newbery – 2004-06-02
Dito the other comments. This game is awesome. Graphically inferior but the gameplay is classic. I think I spent many an hour ploughing through this, totally engrossed in the atmosphere of the game. A1 piece of software.

ZoltX – 2004-02-11
Absolutly Great !
One of my best game on the C=64 ! I remember playing this game with the lights off in my room, if I remember, the music was great too…. 10/10 !

BigFairy – 2003-11-02
AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC…..on of the most original games ever…10/10

Danny Y – 2003-08-24
Got this on a budget tape called Bogie’s Pick in 1989. Quite a sick premise for a game (think of it as the serial killer simulator Codemasters never released in its £1.99 range) because you had to be soooo evil to get your Frankenstein up and running. Stroll around, see a character with suitable body parts, hack em up and take em to the lab where you could keep/discard any bits you needed (parts were quality graded so you had to butcher a lot of villagers before you had a decent combination of body bits) . It had a level of character interaction that was more advanced than in most C64 games and you felt a sense of mischief (like GTA but better) whilst playing it – I particularly liked the way you could agitate other characters and the amusing way they would chase you in a fit of wobbly-legged anger.Plus,you could stun people, put them in a cell, and batter them from behind the bars! This was a quirky, original, one-off type of game & it’s a pity that hardly anyone remembers it!

drmwoz – 2002-02-17
My first ever BOUGHT game when I was 11 years old. I think I completed it within several days of nonstop effort. I absolutely adored it. The graphics may appear rudimentary but this only adds to the game. At its core, it is gruesome fun and can be completed successfully with a bit of effort (unlike many games, this one’s satisfying). I truly believe that had this game been released these days, it would have probably received an R/18+ rating.
Download it now and save it for a couple of nights you have to yourself, as it beats many other games hands down.
I hope someone out there will do a retro-remake of this baby sometime soon!


>MAD DOCTOR LONGPLAY by Nexus23- Youtube Page :

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