C64 Sprite Maker and Sprite Pad


It will allow you to easily create Commodore Sprites, visually see what they would look like and Export them into your program using any of the Export option. Refer to the Help files for details on how to use each function.

C64 Sprite Maker

* 256 Hi Res/Muti Colour Sprites.
* You can Flip, Invert, Copy, Merge sprites and more.
* Sprite Tracer to help with animation.
* Pin Board that will allow you to see what your sprites look like on a Commodore screen.
* Import: Action Replay Mk6 sprite save images, SEUCK sprite file.
* Export: Text file, SEQ file (my own personal creation), Action Replay Mk6 (1 sprite only), SEUCK (only sprite 0 to 125).

Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 Bit)
DirectX 9c


Many popular home computers of the 1980s lack any support for sprites by hardware. The animated characters, bullets, pointing cursors, etc. for videogames (mainly) were rendered exclusively with the CPU by software, as part of the screen video memory in itself. Hence the term software sprites.

Mainly, two distinct techniques were used to render the sprites by software, depending on the display hardware characteristics:

  • Binary image masks, mainly for systems with bitmapped video frame buffers. It employs the use of an additional binary mask for every sprite displayed to create transparent areas within a sprite.
  • Transparent color, mainly for systems with indexed color displays. This method defines a particular color index (typically index ‘0’ or index ‘255’) with a palletted display mode as a ‘transparent color’ which the blitter ignores when blitting the sprite to video memory or the screen.

>Of same quality and job also SPRITE PAD :

Sprite Pad is a free cross-development tool for designing sprite images and animations for the Commodore 64 computer.

General Program Features…

– Edit and animate multi-colour and high-resolution sprite images.
– Flip, Reflect, Slide, Animate.
– Rotations. Free rotate with variable angle limiter, auto-generate rotation sequences.
– Overlays. Allows the designing of two sprites as one.
– Import/Export data in a variety of useful formats.
– Multiple Undo/Redo.

Improvements and changes in the latest version…

Complete translation/rewrite to Microsoft .NET C++.
Added animation storage, browsing and simultaneous playback.


Sprite Pad 2.0 Beta 1 – July 2014

Sprite Pad 1.8.1 – June 2011

Sprite Pad 1.7 – October 2010

Sprite Pad 1.5 – January 2003

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