A C64 Wrestling post about some nice title in this genre.

So we begin with Championship Wrestling released by Epyx for the Apple II (1986), the Commodore 64 (1987) and Atari ST.


This video game was originally intended as a WWF game, but the licence never materialized.


The game includes eight fictional wrestlers, including The Berserker, Purple Hays, H. Manslayer, Zeke Weasel, Prince Vicious, Colonel Rooski, K.C. Colossus, and Zanto Klaw.[1] This game also features animated violence.


Lemon Review:

Championship Wrestling was a pretty exciting wrestling game for its time. However, I reckon it promised more than it could give. It lacked the gameplay of titles such as “Rock N Wrestle” and focused more on character development, music and sound effects. To get an idea, the manual was comprised of several pages, telling you with very detailed info, basically a story about every fighter in the game. You can tell they are spit images of real wrestlers[…]






Tag Team Wrestling, known in Japan as The Big Pro Wrestling! (ザ・ビッグプロレスリング?), is a 1983 arcade video game published by Data East and developed by Technōs Japan.

In the original game, the player controls a professional wrestling tag-team, two identical wrestlers with black hair, orange trunks and brown boots named Sunny and Terry (Jocko and Spike in the U.S. version) who must defeat a couple of masked wrestlers known as the Heel Team (Mad Maulers in the U.S. version): one of them a skinny wrestler with an orange mask and boots and white trunks, the other a fat wrestler in a black mask and tights with white boots. The player’s team must continually beat the Heel Team in order to win trophies and maintain gameplay. After the tenth match, the player’s team is designated the world champions and must keep playing in order to maintain their title. In the event of the Heel Team winning or a tie match, the game is over.

In 1984, the arcade game was ported to the Apple 2, Commodore 64 and IBM PC in the United States by Quicksilver Software. U.S. Gold released the title in Europe for the IBM PC in 1986 and the Commodore 64 in 1987

On April 2, 1986, the arcade game was ported to the Family Computer by Sakata SAS, a company which also developed the Family Computer versions of Karnov and BurgerTime. It was published in Japan by Namcot as Tag Team Pro Wrestling (タッグチーム プロレスリング?). In North America, this version was released on October the same year by Data East for the NES, keeping the Tag Team Wrestling title.





Intergalactic Cage Match delivers all that it promises: “intergalactic” characters, a “cage”, and a lot of “match”es. But somewhere along the line the developers forgot to add more important elements such as “fun” or even “game” to the mix. It’s difficult to imagine that Intergalactic Cage Match could be much worse than it is….

..but its cover and idea looked quite nice back in the 80’s past |!|



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