>C64anabalt is an official conversion of Adam Atomic & Danny B.’s award winning single-button 2009 indie game Canabalt for the 8-Bit, 64KB RAM, 1Mhz Commodore 64 home computer developed by Paul Koller (Paulko64). This particular version was designed to run from a 16KB cartridge (although there are also tape and disk versions available to download as well).

The game was developed as an entry for the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011), and the name C64anabalt was suggested by Adam Atomic himself. The physics and procedural algorithms are based on those documented in the original game’s open source code.

There are two versions of C64anabalt available; one with a SID chip conversion of Danny B.’s original score by Mikkel Hastrup (Encore), and an alternative build featuring music from the PC indie game ThrustBurst by Andreas Slotte (Ghormak). Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to fit them both into a single 16KB ROM, so we’ve made two versions available to order (more on that in a bit) or download.

Interestingly, there is a second unofficial version of Canabalt available for the C64 that was developed by Andreas Varga (Mr. SID). The two versions were developed without the coders’ knowledge that each other were porting the same game. Mr. SID’s version featured the RUN track by Encore and this was reused for the official build with his kind permission. Check out his fantastic C64 Prince of Persia conversion if you get a chance! ;)

Playing The Game

To play C64anabalt you will need either a real C64 (and a method of transferring the game over to it) or an emulator. For emulator users, we recommend VICE, as it works on a variety of systems and is very user friendly. Just download the emulator and either attach the cartridge images themselves or drag and drop the .d64 file into the open program window.

Like the original, C64anabalt is a simple one-button game. The anonymous game character automatically runs onward at an ever increasing speed, and the only control open to the player is to make him jump by pressing fire on the joystick attached to port 2. Whilst you attempt your daring escape over the rooftops (and through the buildings) of the war-torn cityscape you’ll encounter a variety of hazards and different ways to die.

System Requirements

* A Commodore 64/128/GS (PAL/NTSC).
* A joystick/joypad.
* A VDU preferably connected to a loud sound-system.


Download C64anabalt in .bin/.crt cartridge format HERE!
Download C64anabalt in .d64 disk format HERE!
Download C64anabalt in .tap tape format HERE!

BONUS! Download mp3 recordings of the two soundtracks HERE!
BONUS! Check out Onslaught’s cracked version in .d64 disk format HERE!

EMULATOR PACKAGE! Download the ready-to-run Onslaught version combined with the Windows 32-Bit version of the VICE emulator HERE!

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