Summer, what better than playing with old goody like California Games II for Amiga…

California Games ][ takes up right where California Games
left off! Start out blowing by some surfers as you catch
a few waves on your body board. Then freeze them off on
your snow board. Also try jet skiing, hang gliding and
more! Five new events.



In this event you over look one of the many cliffs in
California, and it is from here that you’ll compete in
the Hang Gliding event. First, watch the wind-sock, and
when it blows to the left then begin your aerial assault.
Move the glider left & right to try to gain altitude, and
the slowly work your way across the screen. You will now
see three rubber tires, which you can try to hit with your
five (5) water balloons (it proves to be somewhat difficult).
You can also try to do a few 540 degree spins, or loops. Now
you may continue skimming across the Ocean, or you can turn
back and land from where you started (1000 Point Bonus).


This event was relatively easy. You simply paddle out and
catch a wave. From here you can turn back & forth, ride the
crest of the wave, or do a few “loop-da-loops”. Be careful
not to go over the peak of the wave and succumb to the tide.
Once you ride the wave out, you must not dodge the obstacles
in the water and then you’ll arrive at the beach where you
will receive a standing ovation (even from the guy drinking
the Shiner Bock Beer in his reclining chair!).


Snow Boarding was the most difficult, simply because I
couldn’t figure out where to go with the damn Helicopter.
You board the helicopter on the beach, and it allows you
to travel to the top of the mountain. There is a platform
here where you can drop yourself onto, and you can rest,
relax, & enjoy the view! Or you can drop yourself off
to the immediate Left of the Platform (the icey white
slopes). Once on the slopes, you try to avoid the lumps
of wood, the jagged rocks, & the hidden depressions in
the snow. The Second Stage is a basin where you can
“Free-Form” Snow board by carving up the powder. Just
gain speed from going back ‘n forth and then try a few
aerial spins to “Rack up the Points”. The Third Stage
entails making it to the bottom of the mountain, by
again avoiding the obstacles. If you make it down in
One-piece you will again be greeted with a round of


In the Jet-skiing event you solely race against the clock.
By staying inside the buoys, and running full throttle in the
straight aways you will increase your score. The graphics are
good, and I had been looking forward to playing this event
from the ads that I had read (Plus I own a Jet Ski!), but
this was by far the most disappointing/boring event in the


Much work went into creating this event. There is an
opening animation screen which shows a Skater jumping over
the lawn, and then down the street to the jump, and then
into the air. Once you are skating yourself you can do
hand-plants, etc. and it all works on the same principal
as the Snow boarding Free Style event.
* Be careful to go into the center of the Tubes, because
if your out to the side you’ll smack into the wall (which
will show you slumping to the ground with blood stains on
the wall!) *
If you’re not careful, you will end up seeing your own
funeral, Literally!



I thoroughly enjoyed this game from Epyx. The use of the
VGA Graphics, and the fresh new ideas of the various sporting
events culminated into a very fine video game that I would
highly recommend you get (if you don’t already have it!).

INC ’91
(C)opyright 1991 “A Network Time-Killer Production”


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