>Efrain Lecarde is a knight of the Church. To fight the evil is his duty. Strange event occurred in the cemetery of his hometown of Segovia ( Spain )..


People were scared and required his help. That is the beginning of the CASTLEVANIA LECARDE CHRONICLES adventure.
An adventure where Efrain will fight lots of evil creatures across caves, mountains, ruins etc.. He will then enter the Von Viltheim’s family castle, an holy place years ago..



Game’s resolution is 640X480.That is a 4:3 resolution. Most of the users have now a 16:9 screen. This isn’t a problem, the game is built to keep the screen-ratio in full screen mode.

Nevertheless on some computers ( usually on portables ) the picture may be stretched. That will cause a very bad looking effect. If this happen, go on the windows desktop, right click and then choose in the graphics options the one that keeps the screen RATIO.

You can choose the VIDEO MODE when you start the game.
You can see in the picture with mountains if the scrolling is flowing ( not choppy ). An awful undulation effect may appear. If that occurs try another video modes …

Windows 7 and further

On windows 7 when you choose a VIDEO MODE or START the game, The software may not run directly. It could stuck in the WINDOWS TASKBAR. If that occurs you only have to open it from the TASKBAR…

Main features

Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles  got:

-Save option ( The game is quite long )

-640X480 screen resolution
– Gamepad or keyboard controls (Default : gamepad if plugged in ) 4 buttons of the pad are used.

-Special moves to get



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