CBM Monitors, Protections, Fault


CBM Monitors, Protections, Fault

>A very huge website dedicated to Commodore64 Copy Protection :



You will find any kind of protections have been provided in past for this machine,

and also the methods used to bypass them .


>Instead over here you will find any kind of Monitor

for Commodore Machines with own specifics and particular detail .

>The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide

The web page represents a picture-oriented guide for diagnosing problems with Commodore 64 computers. It’s basically an image gallery of various problem scenarios along with their descriptions and known causes.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of this guide is to assist you in diagnosing problems, not to tell with 100% certainty which part is causing a problem. For example, a blank (black) screen upon startup is a common problem, but its causes are so many that it’s not even included on this page. Even if your C64 is showing the same symptoms as a listed picture, it’s still not 100% certain that the cause is the same – a similar error can often be caused by many different things.

For the best results, use this guide in conjunction with other C64-related sites listed here.

NEW: Diagnosing Audio Problems

The web page will always be a work in progress, more pictures will be added with time. If you have a picture to contribute or questions about the currently listed problems/causes, the author would like to hear from you: derbiangames@gmail.com

>Useful links to further assist you with your C64-related problems:

Ray Carlsen’s CBM repair guides

Lemon64 forums


C128.com forums

Forum64 (German)

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