<Chaos Code (カオスコード Kaosu Kōdo) is a fighting game developed by FK Digital and published by Arc System Works. In developing since 2006/2007 it’s finally, ten years after, available to be fully smashed up on pixels !

<The remaster titled Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is that available for PC and that we got to test !

The game uses 8-way lever and four button (weak punch, weak kick, strong punch, strong kick) system. Characters can be customized prior to the fight, such as selecting two “edit special moves” from four possibilities to go along with the character’s built-in attacks. Players can also select between “run” and “step” modes, placing the focus respectively on speed and technical play.The game makes use of a couple of ultra mode actions that can quickly change the flow of battle:

  • Destruction Chaos: A high level super move that can drain half of the opponent’s life gauge.
  • Exceed Chaos: a special mode which removes limits on combos


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