> Chernobyl is a realistic nuclear power plant simulator by Paul Norman for CBM64 and 128. The player controls the various systems of a nuclear reactor’s control room, and is faced with a multitude of dangerous situations.


Produced by Cosmi back at 1988  it’s a perfect simulation on the management of a nuclear power plant and high crisis situations that can turn in a death clock countdown.




RESTORE  =        restart program
F1       =        operator turbine trip (power off)
F3       =        operator scram (reactor shutdown)
F5       =        clear the alarm panel lights
F7       =        turn off the alarms (per alarm)
CTRL     =        change monitor text colour switches on/off
A 1-2    =        primary core cooling pumps
B 1-2    =        primary core cooling pumps
C 1-5    =        system pumps
W 1-4    =        feedwater pumps
G 1-6    =        main electric generators
G 7-8    =        auxillary generators
A        =        pressurizer heaters
CL 1     =        new coolant inlet system
HPi 1-3  =        high pressure injection pumps


1. bring plant online
2. confirm valves 1-9 are open
3. confirm core flow in A and B systems
4. initiate startup sequence
5. confirm nominal levels on all gauges
6. withdraw control rods to X degree
7. monitor reactivity and power levels
8. monitor fuel temperature
9. after fuel temp stabilizes, engage generators 1-X for output
10.use generators to achieve approximate power output level requested
11.make adjustments by manipulating control rod positions, maintain
overall balance in red position
12.monitor steam generator boil-off confirm automatic feedwater systems
13.monitor reactor pressure confirm pressurizer opeation
14.monitor containment pressure and rad. levels
15.monitor steamline pressure


1. initiate power off sequence
2. disengage active generators
3. engage auxillary generators 7 and 8
4. initiate shutdown sequence
5. confirm closing valves 10-13 and 20-21
6. confirm valves 1-9 are open
7. monitor fuel temperature decline
8. confirm core flow balance
9. monitor alarm panel for anomilies
10.confirm all control rods for full insertion
11.confirm reactivity levels at -5
12.confirm power level at 00%
13.confirm relief valves 90-99 closed
14.confirm automatic feedwater systems are not overfilling boilers
15.maintain reactor pressure and coolant level 300 degree fuel temperature bring plant offline


A        =        with number identifies coolant pump
ALARMS   =        displays alarm panel
ANNUNCIATORS =    displays valve+status indicators
B        =        with number identifies coolant pump
BELL     =        tests alarm bell
BLUEPRINT =       displays plant
BUZZER   =        tests warning alarm
C        =        with number identifies coolant pump
CLR      =        clears screen display
CLOSE    =        with number(s) separated by commas closes those
                  numbered valves
CONTROL RODS =    displays control rod representation and graph
CORE     =        displays internal core function and flow graphic
FLOORPLAN =       displays plant
G        =        with number identifies generator
GAUGES   =        displays power gauges
GROUP    =        with number(s) separated by commas or percentage
                  value controls control rods (group 1,2 50%)
HPI      =        identifies high pressure injection pumps
INQUIRY  =        with library word defines word or function
ISOLATE  =        followed by containment, auxillary or stack will
                  close all valves required to isolate that section
LETDOWN  =        activates core draining
LETUP    =        deactivates core draining
LIGHT    =        with number identifies alarm indicator light
MANUAL   =        accesses manual
OFF      =        disengage
OFFLINE  =        close plant
ON       =        engage
ONLINE   =        prepare plant for duty
OPEN     =        with number(s) separated by commas opens those
                  numbered valves
PANEL    =        displays alarm panel
PLANT    =        displays plant
POWER OFF =       disengages turbine, generators are not tripped
POWER ON =        engages turbine, does not engage generators
PRINT    =        sends all previous status messages to printer
RELEASE  =        open all cooling tower vent values to atmosphere
RODS     =        displays control rods representation and graph
SCRAM    =        initiates emergency core shutdown sequence
SHUTDOWN =        initiates normal powerdown sequence
STARTUP  =        initeates normal power on sequence
TANK     =        with number identifies system vessel
TURBINE TRIP =    initiates emergency power off sequence
VALVES   =        with number identifes valve(numbers without leading
                  letters on plant display are valves)
W        =        with number identifies feedwater pump

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