Colosseum by Topo Soft , was one of the Spanish software house for 8-bit home computers that emerged during the eighties. They were part of the Golden Era of Spanish Software. It disappeared due to economic problems in the nineties related with the late arrival of 16-bit computers in Spain. Some of its workers founded Pyro Studios in 1998.

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Remake: Coliseum
Program: OscarBraindeaD
Platform: PC
Technology: 3D
Progress: 80 %

Features: Make an updated version of the classic maintaining the essence of the original but using 3D technologies.

Original Game

Colosseum (Topo) (1988)

Original Screenshot (Amstrad)


Benurio, a merchant’s son, has fallen foul of the wicked Nerio, chief of the Emperor’s Praetorian Guard. Both men are trying to win the affection of the beautiful Calia – but the unscrupulous Nerio has denounced Benurio and forced him to race in the Circus Maximus. However, chariot racing is a rough business and the other participants will try to kill you before the end of the race…

GAMEPLAY : You must complete four very hazardous races in each of which you’ll have to complete four laps, avoiding the obstacles and fighting off your opponents. They carry weapons of increasing deadliness with which they’ll try to reduce your energy.


Move ther chariot with direction keys, push space and up o down, to use the weapon.

Colosseum Remake (Windows)


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