<Coma is a Metroidvania-style action game set in a cyberpunk Dystopian future inspired by classics. Play as a member of an elite squad of Megacorporations, explore industrialized districts to find hidden, optional areas, fight with competition’s mercenaries using your arsenal and abilities.

<Customize your character using various passive and active implants, acquire new combat abilities and upgrade those already owned.


Year 2076. The world is being rebuilt after a war and from its rubble rises a new order – UTG – United Terran Government, unifying the whole globe and setting a new, common goal for the mankind. Thanks to the advancements in robotics, nanotechnology and bioengineering, the society reached a higher level of existence – over 94% of citizens of the Earth use enhanced prosthetics or is permanently connected to the global network thanks to telecommunication implants. The implants are a product of Providers – constantly competing with each other megacorporations that supply, install and update various implants in exchange for life-long subscription. In a world without borders they decide what’s good or evil, and the one which is above competition is always right. Welcome to the future, where the worth of a human life is equivalent to an average monthly salary and where corporate espionage is the new form of warfare. Have you picked your Provider yet?


  • Discover a dark cyberpunk world, inspired by the biggest classics of the genre, presented with beautiful hand-drawn sprites and backgrounds.
  • Multiple playstyles. Do you like fighting defensively or offensively? Do you prefer hand-to-hand combat or destroying opponents from afar is your cup of tea? Or perhaps instead of fighting it’s better to take control of enemy systems and machines to do your dirty work for you? Agents of corporate special forces are prepared to fight in all conditions with any means.
  • Customize your character – utilize a wide range of specialized passive and active implants to tailor the playstyle to your needs. Enhanced strength, speed, special vision filters – bleeding edge tech is at your disposal and on the house. Utilizing every advantage over your competition is mandatory in your line of work. Just remember not to overindulge in your artificial self-improvement. There’s a fine line between a human and a machine, if that’s your concern.
  • Variety of Abilities – acquire new abilities that will help you reach previously inaccessible areas to discover secrets and most importantly – grant you new combat moves. Remember, some of the abilities will be hidden, and getting them will be optional. It is only up to you how many of them will be in your arsenal.
  • Co-op – each agent is an expert in their field of work, wreaking havoc among the competition. Imagine the synergy between them and level of destruction if there were two of them sent on a single mission. (Stretch goal)



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