Commodore 64 ScreenSavers and View64


>3 Commodore 64 ScreenSavers and View64

>View64 is a simple image viewer (written in BlitMax)
which displays images from a given folder using C64-style graphics
in Slideshow loading .

You can use this as a screensaver by supplying 3 command line arguments:

WIDTH width of fullscreen display (0=windowed)
HEIGHT height of fullscreen display (0=windowed)
IMAGEPATH path to a folder containing images


View64 1024 768 c:\myimages

If your path has spaces use “” like so:

View64 1024 768 “c:\my pictures”

If you run the exe without arguments you will be given the option
to select a folder containing images and whether to run full screen or not.
Full screen mode will be 1024x768x32.


emule ed2k://|file|

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