Malcolm Frink is a young computer genius who creates Megavirus monsters, programs that bend the laws of physics, with the help of an artificial intelligence called Kilokahn.

His latest creation, a humanoid virus called Sigma, will let him transcend into cyberspace. Adapted from chapter 17 of “The Digital Domain”, a Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad fanfiction. You can read it at…

A reboot of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, where Malcolm Frink is the main character and Sam Collins does not exist. It is set some time between the nineties and the near future, in an alternate reality where computer technology evolved in a different way. All anachronisms and differences from the original show are intentional. Rated T for some violence and cussing.

A very nice cyberpunk short movie made by italian guys addicted to Amiga, nostalgic users will notice: Amiga windows style computer workbench, Deluxe Paint VII, and 16Bit Graphic mixed with new high potential capabilities of modern commodore evolution, and at last not least the ties with The Lawnmower Man, cult movies from 90s.


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