>Power! (known as Critical Mass in Europe) is a computer game developed by Simon Francis in 1985 for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

The player operates a rocket-powered hovercraft whose mission is to destroy an enemy transfer beam that is protected not only by long-distance enemy raiders and mines, but also molecular disorientation that sucks the energy from the player’s attack craft.


>Critical Mass is a fast paced top down, arena shooter where you will battle waves of killer robots. You play as Commander Hoover who, after having lost his entire regiment in sub-orbit , is left to fight alone against an army of automatons with only his special issue Portable Singularity Device (PSD).
This unique military weapon behaves as a high power gravitational vacuum, able to inhale the smallest and health pickups. The gun’s de-atomizing chamber disintegrates its victims into temporary usable weapon schemas, thereby enhancing its combat capabilities and altering the gun’s devastating projectiles at a moment’s notice.
Push, pull, and shoot your way through hordes of homicidal ‘bots on the surface of your home world’s only moon. Wrest its future from cold mechanized claws and fulfill your duty as an officer of the Planetary Defense Force (PDF).





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