Curse of the Aztec Tomb Remake

Curse Aztec tomb1

>Curse of the Aztec Tomb was a game by
Antony ‘Ratt’ Crowther former designer, programmer and musician of Commodore 64 games. During the 1980s he worked for Alligata, Gremlin Graphics and later Crowther’s own company, Wizard Development.
The first computer game he created was a version of the board game Mastermind which was written for the Pet 4032.He gained high status among C64 users in the mid 80s with his highly prolific output, developing complete professional games in only two weeks. Crowther teamed up with fellow C64 musician, Ben Daglish, forming W.E.M.U.S.I.C., which stood for “We Make Use of Sound In Computers”.

>Curse of the Aztec Tomb Remake :

In your constand adventuring…you have stumbled across what appears to be an ancient aztec tomb.
As is compulsory with this kind of game, the tomb contains some treasures that will make you rich.
Journey into the tomb and recover the treasure, but make sure you come out with your life as many
traps await the dimwitted and incompetant. ( Well, we say many – thats a bit of a fib, a few )


1 to move your character. If a change of direction is necessary, your adventurer will do this automagically.
0 will jump.


There are 5 screens in total for you to plough through as you delve deeper into the Aztec tomb.
I haven’t included a cheat mode, for the very simple reason – there’s only 5 screens!


To be honest, this is a memory game more than anything. Although, the first screen is more difficult than the rest.
Once you’ve nailed that – you’re well on your way. Try not to jump at an angle except when climbing stairs.
Patience is a virtue – you only have one life, try not to lose it.


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