Cyberpunk Jam


>Cyberpunk Jam : Video Games Cyberpunk related based on the theme image most rated (The Fall).

#cyberpunkjam on Twitter .

>Here some snap of upload entries in the Jam :

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As the enigmatic daredevil hacker, your mission is to compromise the security of MEGACOM, the evil corporation that’s doing some VERY bad things. Armed with your hacking spheroid CIRCULOUS and trusty tightrope, you must scale death defying heights and complete your black hat program before the agents catch you. How long can you last in VERTIGO RAIDER?


The most dangerous hacking programs known to man – type real historical viruses!
Intensive typing game – THIS AIN’T MAVIS BEACON!
Beautiful cybernetic art from Nico Traut –
Awesome industrial tracks by Theodore Tryon –
Powered by LibGDX, programmed by THE NINJABIT

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>STRIDERS is a runner-shooter in the spirit of BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Megaman. Done by a team of two game designers, four artists and one musician. Don’t hesitate to visit our site: Team-KwaKwa


w: jump
s: slide
a: back
d: front
ENTER: shoot
R-CTRL: switch
r: reset
SPACE: pause

XBOX 360:
A: jump
DOWN: slide
LEFT: back
RIGHT: front
X: shoot
RB: switch
BACK: reset
START: pause



Prepare for a neon fist punch to your face with PHASE RUNNER. Help PhaseBro, the ultimate PHASE RUNNER, run and phase like it’s nobody’s business. Break into The System and stick it to The Man! See how far you can go in the cyberpunk action of PHASE RUNNER. Nothing will ever rock your world like PHASE RUNNER is about to.





>CONSOLE COWBOY is a cyberpunk stealth / action game

The objective of the game is to breach the corporate building and hack their computers for valuable intel, can you get out alive?

Made for # Cyberpunk jam 2014 by Goro & Bag.

Everything was made from scratch for this project :)

Gameplay isn’t quite finished, as we have lots of ideas we want to implement. Bugs are sure to be found.

Game contains mild sexual themes and some strong language.


Explanation of hacking:

F starts the hack, first it will detect if a firewall exists. If it exists, run the appropriate program ;) after that, select program to breach the computer.
This will give you a few options, format, shutdown and hijack etc. Hijack increases your score by a small amount.





>In the near future where corporate espionage has replaced rivalry between nations, corporate secrets are a popular target for many hackers. Among these, a new breed of AI melded into human consciousness has enabled these hackers to make a quick escape — embedding their soul into their bullets, they can hack into the body of anyone they shoot. They are Bullet Soul Hackers.

Core Mechanic:

Shoot and kill enemies to speed your movement and to quickly transport into their bodies, taking control of their own weapons, strengths, weaknesses and memories as you race to the next checkpoint.


Part shooter and a part checkpoint racer, Bullet Soul Hacker puts you in the shoes of an escaping hacker jumping from the vibrant skyline of a futuristic world that’s decaying from within. An attempt to combine two diverse genres with a central mechanic which generates the rush of adrenaline common to both.

It is also part of my continuing attempts of humanizing enemies by whatever means possible through the mechanics. In Bullet Soul Hacker, the player is directly affected by whose body they take over by having to use their weapon, survive in their body (with their own strengths and weaknesses) and to battle the enemy’s personal memories from distracting them.

It is also partly an attempt to convey a story combining cyberpunk’s part pulp fiction and part philosophical nature and narrating it in a non-linear manner that complements its checkpoint structure and fits its themes.


Fast paced shooting with focus on constant movement
Transporting into enemies’ mind and body prevents the player from ever developing a comfort zone
Checkpoint racer with variety of dynamic challenges including racing rival hackers to next data point, escaping from authorities.
A heavy 80s inspired retro aesthetic with a stylized scanline look
Synthwave soundtrack injecting a moody energy into the game

Gameplay Instructions:

Shoot the enemies to hack into their bodies. You will take over their weapons, but will also inherit their strengths and weaknesses. You will also have to contend with the enemy’s own soul as it tries to distract you with its memories.

Shooting enemies increases your ADRENALINE speeding up your overall movement and reflexes.

Gather data nodes at end of each horizontal run to piece in more puzzles of the story. Be quick though as there are rival hackers who want to get there before you.


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