Ubisoft has just rounded off its E3 press conference with the announcement of Watch Dogs, a cyberpunk third-person action game which focuses on controlling connected networks and personal data. The reveal resulted in whoops and cheers, along with a standing ovation and a worldwide trending on Twitter.

The game focuses on a chap called Aiden Pearce, who goes hunting for one Joseph Demarco in a crowded city nightclub. To muscle his way in, he uses technological weapons rather than traditional firearms – signal jammers to knacker metal detectors, traffic signal blockers to cause traffic jams in the street, and social networking scanners to read personal data from NPCs.

It looks absolutely phenomenal, but what’s most telling is the fact that Watch Dogs currently has no target platform or concrete release date. It could well be one of the first games bound for next-generation platforms, although it is using a proprietary game engine that is suited for current-gen development, so who knows?


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