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..threats to corporations that can take many forms…

Cyveillance Off Cyberworld

Who or what is Cyveillance ?
Who’s Paying Cyveillance To Monitor This Web Site ?
You are, if you pay federal taxes to the United States government.
How did we reach this conclusion?
Why you should be concerned.
Cyveillance is not a government agency.
They are a company that contracts to watch web sites for “risks.”
Their web site is

Since about June of 2003, they began visiting this site on the average of once per month. Cyveillance has downloaded every page on this site.

For years, victims of bankruptcy court corruption have contacted various government agencies and personnel of the U.S. Government, including United States Congressional Senators, Representatives, the Department of Justice, and the Executive Office for United States Trustees. For years, victims have been painted as “disgruntled” litigants dissatisfied with judicial decisions. Those with authority to investigate refuse to do so.
Lawrence Friedman, when Director for the Executive Office for United States Trustees, victimized victims by accusing them for their own victimization. Letters on record from the Executive Office for United States Trustees that we have received from victims use certain terms to tell victims to go away, saying that their office will no longer respond.
According to Cyveillance’s web site, the “open source nature of the Internet poses threats to corporations that can take many forms.”
Wells of Justice poses no threat to anyone. This site does not address corporations. We do not use logos. We do not offer service or products and therefore, have no corporate competitors.
Cyveillance’s web site continues by stating: “Activists use the Internet to plan rallys and boycotts.”
If consumers or others believe that rallies or boycotts are the only ways toward justice or to wake up companies that neglect their customers, then citizens have every right in this nation to peaceably assemble, and every right to share with others why they shouldn’t purchase from certain companies. However, that is not the situation with Wells of Justice. The only purpose that the government could possibly have to want to know what Wells of Justice recommends to victims, is so they can hinder and obstruct justice by getting to those politicians and organizations we recommend in order to prejudice and threaten them.
That might be the reason why those politicians named on this site as contacts have not responded to a single individual that wrote them.
Cyveillance’s web site states: “Employees disclose confidential information.”
When contacted about three bankruptcy cases, then Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Syfert violated the law when stating that all evidence is irrelevant unless a journalist gave him names of sources and informers. (Asst Attorney Syfert retired in October 2004.) His obstruction of justice was confirmed when a trustee and attorney appeared in court and informed one victim that they had the name of the journalist. In one of the cases, the federal Seventh Circuit sanctioned an elderly couple for “impugning” the bankruptcy judge, and banned them from the federal court. In the third case, the bankruptcy trustee admitted to receiving money in the case, after alleging for over a year that he had not received any money from the debtors. Bankruptcy judge, Manuel Barbosa, still placed the couple on trial and entered a decision to revoke their discharge on the allegation that they disobeyed an order of the court by not giving the trustee “any” money.
The results of these cases makes it reasonable to believe that former Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Syfert and his cronies in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Western Division conspired to send a message to victims — talk and anticipate justice, and harmful retribution will come your way. There’s not one thing you can do about it. There is no one that will investigate.
After years of research, interviewing, and discovering the depth and height of corruption in the U.S. Trustee Program, we have good reason to believe that in addition to finding out who we refer victims to, Cyveillance surfs this site as part of former Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Syfert’s original plan — to find out who the employees are that “disclose confidential information.” In this case, it is not “confidential” information pertaining to patents, marketing plans, or other corporate information.
FACT: Cyveilllance surfs sites for their clients to see if employees are disclosing confidential information.
That could only mean that their client for this site is an agency of the United States government. All evidence leads to it being the Department of Justice.
Fighting terrorism against the United States is suppose to be a top ranking priority of the Department of Justice. Why then, are they spending taxpayers’ dollars with a private company to surf a site that addresses bankruptcy court corruption? Shouldn’t the Dept. of Justice be investigating suspect bankruptcy trustees and bankruptcy judges who commit judicial terrorism under color and claim of official right?
Homeland security is to seek out those who intend harm to America. It is not suppose to bring and cause harm to those that expose government, political, and judicial corruption. It certainly is not suppose to use taxpayers’ money to harass and prosecute Americans for exercising free speech that exposes corruption.
From Cyveillance’s web site:
“By constantly watching over Internet activity and using Cyveillance Intelligence Center Technology to categorize risks, these services provide early warning of potential threats.”
There are no corporations named in this site who would need Cyveillance’s services to watch for disgruntled customers, copyright or patent infringements, or revealing of marketing secrets. That narrows down who thinks this site is a potential threat.
We have it from a reliable source that Cyveillance charges up to $30,000 for their services. How many other advocacy groups are being watched by Cyveillance? If the cost is correct, American taxpayers are not paying taxes to support homeland security. Rather, we are paying taxes to harass victims — even to the point of assassination or false charges to imprison as punishment for revealing the organized crime operation known as the U.S. Trustee Program.

Cyveillance Suspected of Instigating Disagreements To Get This Site Shut Down.

Appealing For Investigation And Justice Is Not Illegal
This site appeals to the Department of Justice to investigate extortion and embezzlement committed by bankruptcy trustees, in collusion with bankruptcy judges, under color and claim of official right. We appeal to elected officials to make investigation into bankruptcy court corruption a priority. Requests, appeals, and begging for justice are not threats.
If Cyveillance does not renew their contract or voice concerns about the REAL purpose for watching this site, will they end up like Inslaw — not paid by the government and forced into bankruptcy? Or, as in the Ingersol bankruptcy case, will the government take over the company to fulfill the contract?
Whether debtors, non-debtors, or creditors, those involved in the U.S. Trustee Program paint all victims as “disgruntled” litigants. The FBI refuses to investigate, and agents blame U.S. Attorneys for not approving investigations. There is no mandate in the Department of Justice that gives U.S. Attorneys authority to instruct the FBI on what and what not to investigate. For years, elected officials proclaim separation of powers as an excuse for practicing willful blindness. They are all concerned about judicial corruption until they are elected. Then, they become too busy in other things, such as confirming federal judges, to hold a Congressional investigation.
The road to justice and exposing corruption in the U.S. Trustee Program is paved with dead bodies.
Those journalists, lawyers, and politicians that attempt to expose the organized crime operation known as the U.S. Trustee Program are short lived.
They are found dead. Some are declared dead by murder — others by suicide — and others by airplane crashes in remote areas.

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